AAA Asphalt Surfaces’ excellent reputation for service at all levels of construction and infrastructure has been built over many years on a multitude of projects and contracts, including International projects executed in Hong Kong.

AAA Asphalt Surfaces operates a very experienced crew with the ability to perform a wide diversity of projects types, including multi-lane highways, major arterial roads, airports, bridges, port and sport facilities; where high volumes of asphalt is required to be laid continuously and laid to meet tight specifications. We have successfully completed the profiling and surfacing on a number of high profile projects including –

Asphalt Projects

Our crew is also experienced in undertaking routine asphalt maintenance works within heavily trafficked environments that are present in the Perth region road network.


Aerodrome Management Services (AMS)
Rio Tinto
Shire of Exmouth
Shire of East Pilbara
Sirius Resources
Town of Port Hedland


De Grey Civil
Highway Construction
Lend Lease
RJ Vincent
Shire of Broome
WBHO Infrastructure

Demonstrated Recent Project Experience


  • Paraburdoo Airport Runway

    Feb 2012

    Client: Rio Tinto and AMS (Aerodrome Management Services – Fraser Sparks 0448 096573)

    The work involved the manufacture, delivery and laying of asphalt, deeplift patching of localised failures, associated profiling, correction of levels and 50mm thick overlay of entire runway, taxiway and apron. Total volume of asphalt approximately 15,000 tonnes.

    • Texturing/profiling of the entire pavement surface including carting and stockpiling of profilings
    • Production and placement of 15,000 tonnes of asphalt to runway, taxiway and apron;
      Shoulder construction along edge of runway
    • Quality control testing of all materials to ensure compliance.
  • Learmonth Airport Apron Extension

    Aug 2012

    Client:  Shire of Exmouth (Keith Woodward 9949 1699)

    This project involved extending the apron and laying approximately 1,500 tonnes of asphalt.

  • Christmas Creek Airport Runway

    August 2012

    Client:  Decmil (David Deakin 0459 227527) and FMG

    Mobilised our brand new 150 tonne per hour batching plant to a new mining operation approximately 180kms north of Newman in the Pilbara region of WA.

  • Cloudbreak Airport Runway

    September 2012

    Client:  FMG (Leigh Dowie 0417 634704 and Calvin Plummer 0409 279948)

    Deeplift patching of localised failed areas during nightshift.

  • Newman Airport Apron Extension

    April 2013

    Client:  Shire of East Pilbara (Leon Burger 0417 952693)

    This project involved approximately 700 tonnes of asphalt to an apron extension.  Over recent years we have also completed many urgent deeplift repairs for the Shire of East Pilbara on their runway.

  • Port Hedland Airport Pavement Reconstruction & Emergency Repairs

    August 2015

    Client:  Town of Port Hedland (Peter Samuals – Airport Manager  0439 922070)

    We have been involved in most of the pavement reconstruction, repairs and emergency repairs over the past two years on the runway, taxiways and aprons.  ToPH will not use any other contractor preferring to use our service and performance over any other supplier.

  • Groote Island Airport Runway

    July 2013 – present

    Client:  AMG (Fraser Sparks – 0448 096573) and BHP.  Consulting Engineer, Airport Consultancy Group.

    The work involved deeplift patching of localised failures, correction of levels and 50mm thick overlay of entire runway.  Total volume of asphalt approximately 18,000 tonnes.

  • Sirius Nova Nickel, Fraser Range

    July 2013 – present

    Client:  RJ Vincent & Sirius Resources

    Brand new asphalt runway pavement to be completed on 29/8/15.

    This project involved the asphalt paving of a brand new runway in the Midwest region of WA.  The runway is 2,000m long and 36m wide.  Total volume of asphalt approximately 8,500 tonnes.