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AAA Asphalt Surfaces has over 25 years experience in the asphalt industry, with ISO 9001 accreditation. We conduct two successful asphalt operations, one in Perth and the other in regional Western Australia. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive pavement consultancy and construction service.

AAA Asphalt Surfaces is a wholly owned and operated Western Australian company.  The company is managed by Frank Italiano who has extensive experience in asphalt contracting both in Australia and overseas.  Frank is a qualified civil engineer from Curtin University and has over 25 years of asphalt experience.

AAA Asphalt Surfaces has a fully experienced asphalt paving crew which specializes in remote work.  In recent years this has included major road projects for Main Roads WA and many runways for various clientele.

Four of the most experienced senior personnel have a combined total of over 100 years experience in the asphalt industry.  We pride ourselves in providing high quality work and exceptional service to our clients.  We also constantly strive for improvement.  Our regional operation has extensive experience in mobilizing to remote areas and completing the most challenging projects.  Projects include the full range of works from pavement repairs, domestic driveway and sport surfaces, through to commercial and industrial works such as carparks, factories, shopping centres, subdivisions and highways.  Our specialty in recent years has been high specification heavy duty hardstands and airport pavements including runways, taxiways and aprons.

AAA Asphalt Surfaces operates four mobile asphalt batching plants of production capacity ranging from 50 tonnes per hour up to 150 tonnes per hour.  The plants are built on road going trailers which are all within road going dimensions.  The plants are highly mobile and can be packed up and ready for transport in 3-4 hours.  The set up time at a new site is also 3-4 hours.

A fully equipped laboratory supports the batching plants.  The laboratory is housed in a 20 foot container and is capable of designing new mixes as well as quality control testing of finished products from the plant.  Mix designs using locally available aggregates can be completed prior to arrival on site provided that samples can be couriered to the laboratory.  Otherwise the mixes can be designed once on site in a matter of days.

The entire operation is very compact and efficient.  It can be relocated at very competitive rates which can make it viable to relocate for jobs as small as a few hundred tonnes.  The plants can mobilize to virtually any location in Australia.

The management of AAA Asphalt Surfaces possesses extensive pavement design and construction experience worldwide. Great importance is placed on providing a quality service from beginning to end. This begins with preliminary meetings, quotations and developing specifications through to final inspections and testing of the finished product. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and we always work to ensure that the client is satisfied and the job is completed on time and in accordance with project specifications.

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